State of Flux

9th April 2015

‘Around a quarter of British adults will experience a diagnosable mental health problem in any one year’ (1)

The ‘State of Flux’ is a contemporary jewellery design participatory research project designed and developed by Lisa Arnott in partnership with COMAS through their WOMANZONE project.

Mental health problems cause considerable poor health in Scotland. Rates of suicide in Scotland are higher than in England and Wales. Mental health problems can affect anyone but people who are likely to be socially excluded, such as people living in deprived areas, are at higher risk. (2)

As the project title indicates there are a variety of meanings. Flux as a technical jewellery term is a product used to enable a join to come together. The term ‘In a state of flux’ is often used by society to describe a period of change for an individual which will leads to a new direction.

The research project aims, through the act of making, to discover how and if the process of recovery can aid the recovery of women, who are recovering from addiction.

The project also aims to:

  • The opportunity to develop skills in traditional metal jewellery making
  • To develop their self-confidence and aid their recovery.

It is the view of the project that building the women’s self-confidence through the act of making will in turn have an impact on their mental health and also encourage the potential for future personal development.

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