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Flourish Project

The Flourish project is a socially engaged craft research project within the field of contemporary jewellery design.

In 2021, Lisa successfully received a grant from Creative Scotlands Open Projects Award for the socially engaged craft research project, the Flourish Jewellery Project which she co-leads with fellow artist and jeweller Jessica Howarth.

As a participatory research project, Flourish aims to not only empower women through the act of making but also examine the role craft making, in particularly contemporary jewellery design, and how it engages with disadvantaged, underrepresented and hard to reach communities. 

Building on the theme of the outdoor environment the Flourish project will offer making workshops within communities EH4 and EH8 as they are recognised as communities experiencing high level of economic uncertainty within Scotland. 

By encouraging engagement in contemporary jewellery design, the artists will facilitate creative opportunities in the form of jewellery making sessions which will enable the participants to create quality made jewellery and wearable objects. 


This project is partnership project with North Edinburgh Arts and Womanzone

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